Pharmaceutical Solutions

Pharmaceutical companies all over the world rely on pharmaceutical processing equipment from trusted industry leader, Quadro Engineering. Whether your pharmaceutical manufacturing process requires wet or dry granulation, fine grinding, deagglomeration, solid powder processing, or tightly controlled particle size reduction — or some precise combination of these diverse manufacturing processes — Quadro Engineering has the right processing solution for the job.

Four decades ago, Quadro Engineering introduced the groundbreaking conical mill (Quadro® Comil®) design to the world. Since then, Quadro Engineering has continued to lead, arriving at ever more creative — and efficient — pharmaceutical processing solutions.

When you partner with Quadro Engineering, you get more than tough, precise machinery that consistently delivers remarkable performance. You also gain access to Quadro Engineering’s multiple decades of combined engineering and pharmaceutical technology expertise. At Quadro Engineering, we’re more than the sum of our hard-working parts. We’re also a pharmaceutical manufacturing solution that our clients trust. Our experts are eager to work with you to create winning solutions for your toughest processing challenges.

Comil® Pharmaceutical Applications

Tablet manufacturers worldwide use the Quadro® Comil® for conditioning wet granulations before drying; sizing after drying; granulating in the pre-compression stage; and homogenous mixing, conditioning and dispersion of pigments used in the manufacturing of tablets. The innovative Comil® excels at numerous crucial tasks, from controlled particle size reduction, to ingredient conditioning. Features low-dust/low-noise design, short changeover times, higher capacities, rapid changeover capability, and superior ease of cleaning.

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Mitigating Dust Explosion Risks in Solid Powder Processing

When reduced to fine powders, some organic compounds are transformed from merely combustible to dangerously explosive. Clearly, dust control is a crucial aspect of safe pharmaceutical manufacturing. Do you know how to minimize dust explosion hazards? Learn how Quadro Engineering helps companies comply with industrial regulations for solid powder processing by configuring processing equipment d for safe operation in an explosive environment.

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Tablet Manufacturing Process

Tablets are the most popular dosage form of pharmaceuticals. High shear mixers/granulators used in tablet manufacturing often cause agglomerations that result in uneven drying. By uniformly dispersing the wet product, the highly versatile Quadro® Comil® eliminates lumps, thus decreasing drying time and cutting manufacturing costs. Comil® also delivers consistent, homogeneous dispersal of pigment agents, and can be used for the size reduction of compacted slugs after a roll compactor.

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