Biotechnology Solutions

Quadro® has been in the forefront of equipment innovation, growing right along with the biotechnology industry. Whether you are size reducing organic matter for biomedicinals or producing the media to grow cultures, we have the right size solution for your biotech applications.

Biopharmaceuticals — Protein Extraction

Quadro® helped a biopharmaceutical manufacturer extract proteins from dried shrimp. The Fine Grind F10 successfully milled whole shrimp and krill to the targeted PSD. Liquid nitrogen was added to the F10 to safeguard the properties of the proteins from being altered by heat generated during milling.

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Active Extraction of Biomedicinal Ingredients

A grower of biomedicinal herbs wanted to extract the active ingredient Parthenolide from the medicinal herb Feverfew for capsules. Using the Quadro® Comil®, the grower successfully achieved a large proportion of the product within the target range. The remaining product was further processed to an average particle size acceptable for the health food market.

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Sizing of Parenteral (Injectable) Drug Powder

Quadro® developed the ultra sanitary Sterilizable Comil® for this very specialized application. The Sterilizable design operates as well as, and offers all the advantages of, the standard Comil® while incorporating many unique and innovative options that satisfy the most stringent sterilization and aseptic processing applications.

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Size Reduction of Frozen Human Blood Plasma

A pharmaceutical company sought to produce small chips of blood plasma from frozen blocks. The biodegradable, sensitive nature of the product meant that the blocks had to be size reduced quickly with no product melting, heat rise, excessive impact or shear forces. The Quadro® Comil® accepted the plasma blocks directly from the freezer, size reduced them with no product melting, and discharged the ground product immediately into the liquid batch.

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