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Quadro® helps companies in the fast-growing API segment of the pharmaceutical industry to meet some of their most demanding processing challenges.

API Manufacturing Equipment

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturing is a key step in the production of modern pharmaceuticals. It’s also among the fastest-growing segments of the overall industry. As the race to produce ever-more challenging APIs heats up, it’s becoming increasingly important to invest in the fastest, most-efficient API manufacturing equipment available in order to remain competitive.

Milling for size reduction and other crucial properties is an important component of the API production process, and speed is certainly desirable. Many of today’s hottest APIs require ever-smaller particle sizes with vanishingly small particle size distributions. These newer APIs are optimized for bioavailability and other properties, such as stability. However, other process concerns are equally important. For instance, API equipment must be hygienic, safe to operate and capable of producing consistent, readily repeatable results — from batch to batch — without fail. Speed, appropriate capacity and consistency are also crucial factors that will affect your bottom line.

Quadro Engineering API Solutions

At Quadro Engineering, we specialize in API solutions. Leading pharmaceutical companies rely on our well-deserved reputation for quality, innovation and reliability. Depending on the molecule(s) in question, APIs typically must be size-reduced to achieve specific particle size targets. Perhaps even more important, these particles must fall within the tightest particle size distributions possible, to ensure consistent potency, efficacy and safety of the end product. Again, Quadro Engineering’s API solutions excel at achieving this. We offer a range of comminuting equipment suitable for API manufacturing, rounding out our portfolio of wet/dry granulation, particle size reduction, deagglomeration and solid powder processing equipment.

Of course, other, more everyday factors must also be considered when evaluating API manufacturing equipment. Is maintenance streamlined? Will it provide a suitable return on investment? Is it capable of yielding the results you need, consistently, predictably and rapidly? Will you experience significant loss of raw materials, or can you expect minimal waste? What about the operator experience? Is the equipment suitably quiet and dust-free? Quadro Engineering has the answers to these and many other questions. We think you’ll like what you learn about our superior API solutions.

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