Four interchangeable solutions on a single platform — it doesn’t get much better than that!  The Quadro/Fitzpatrick Smart Drive Exchangeable Platform allows you to increase production efficiency and reduce both your capital investment and cost of ownership.

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The technology behind this platform offers greater powder milling and security screening flexibility, making the SDx Series the ideal solution for meeting on-demand capacity increases and reducing bottlenecks. You can even double production when necessary!

This versatile product features an unparalleled number of integration possibilities – including hammer milling, gentler conical milling, high-efficiency conical milling and security screening. Thanks to the quick-changing, single tri-clamp connection and Smart-Detect technology for automatic head recognition and RPM range adjustment, you can change heads in approximately 90 seconds.

The Smart Drive System is the best value for your processing investment – four functionalities in one platform provides the lowest long-term cost of ownership.

  • Increased Production Efficiency Interchangeable heads reduce bottlenecks and increase capacity.

  • Optimized Particle Size Distributions (PSDs)
    Improve on-target PSDs by 30% – 50% over similar technologies.

  • Enhanced Operator and Product Safety
    Contained mills reduce operator exposure, while the greaseless gearbox (a first in conical milling technology) safeguards batches.

  • Protection for Heat-Sensitive Products 
    Patent-pending screen designs lower temperatures by as much as 30% during milling.

  • Lower Capital Investment 
    The ability to invest in four processes with a single, common drive lowers the initial capital investment and reduces the cost of ownership by up to 75%.

  • Quick Conversion Among Processes
    Alternate between four powder processes in approximately 90 seconds.

  • Reduced Space Requirements
    The SDx™ platform with interchangeable functionalities replaces several machines.

  • Utilizes Smart-Detect technology that automatically recognizes the head being installed, ensuring that the RPM range is adjusted appropriately for each head.

  • Single platform with interchangeable head design is space-efficient and cost-effective.

  • Quadro® Comil® U20x head

    • Improves particle size distributions (PSDs) with 20% ­– 40% more on-target vs. similar technologies
    • U20 screens and impellers are forward compatible, saving thousands in transferrable tooling
    • Available with U21 high-efficiency screens for up to 50% average capacity increase
  • Quadro® Comil® U21x head

    • Optimizes particle size distributions (PSDs), reducing “fines” generation by an average of 20% – 30%
    • Ideal for heat-sensitive products, as this head lowers milling temperatures by an average of 10˚ – 15˚C
    • Impellers and screens suitable for both standard and CIP applications
  • Fitzpatrick D6Ax head

    • Guarantees full cleanability with a 4-piece chamber that allows complete disassembly, assuring 100% cleaning verification
    • The standard for APIs and difficult products with an unmatched selection of screens (from 50 μm)
    • Cooling infeed chamber available for heat-sensitive products
  • Quadro® FlexSift S20x head

    • Optimizes security screening; one unit replaces 3 – 7 traditional vibratory sifters while achieving similar capacities
    • Best-in-class performance with 40% – 50% more capacity vs. similar technologies
    • Largest capacity range of any centrifugal security screener in the market
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