High Energy Comil H20

The new, innovative Quadro® H20 redefines conical milling by pushing the capabilities of cone mill technology toward finer particle size distributions, making it ideal for niche Pharma OSD targets, APIs, fine chemical products, and cosmetic final color/blend dispersing.

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The H20 Comil® represents a revolutionary approach to Pharma OSD, API milling, fine chemical milling and cosmetic powder milling. Quadro® Comil® technology converts motor energy more efficiently into size reduction forces, leading industry milling performance standards in powder grinding and fine chemical comminuting.

With its groundbreaking re-engineered drives and milling efficiency improvements, the H20 provides superior performance over pin mills or hammer mills without the need for expensive additional containment or air handling systems.

Capable of delivering narrow particle size distributions, with d50s reaching as low as 20 to 25 micron for some applications, the H20 Comil® delivers optimum performance and containment when integrated with a controlled feed system.

Cost-Efficient API Milling

Quadro’s H20 High Energy Comil® provides cost-efficient API size reduction equipment for high-volume pharmaceutical manufacturing. Where traditional conical milling technologies have had limited success, the H20 Comil® represents an alternative to the high cost of ownership and reduced on-target production of hammer mills or pin mills.

Controllable API and Fine Chemical Size Reduction

Installing a High Energy Comil® allows manufacturers to size reduce APIs without blinding screens or damaging products, consistently achieving d50s in the 40 to 150 micron range, with good potential of reaching results as low as 20 to 25 micron. This makes the H20 Comil® the ideal equipment for oral solid dosage milling and other applications where repeatable and very narrow particle size distributions are required.

In-Line Cosmetics Color/Pigment Blending and Deagglomeration

Like all Quadro equipment, the H20 Comil® is versatile. By installing a stacked FlexSift S20 security screener/de-lumper in line with the High Energy Comil®, one manufacturer was able to deagglomerate cosmetic powder pigments and achieve 250 to 400 kg/hr. The H20 Comil® has proven itself to be a cost-saving piece of cosmetic powder deagglomeration equipment, capable of contributing to reduced or circumvented capital expenditures, while concurrently providing an improved finished product.

  • Unparalleled Conical Milling Size Reduction Performance30% – 70% finer PSDs than traditional conical mills
  • Narrower PSDs (Particle Size Distributions)Improves on-target PSDs by 30% – 60% for high on-spec returns (less waste and rework)
  • Ability to Control and Shift PSD Targets for Coarser or Finer ResultsReduces the need for screening over- and under-sized particles, resulting in less waste
  • Enhanced Product FlowEliminates the need for pneumatic handling or product collectors
  • Contained MillingOEL containment levels <1 μg/m3
  • Easy to CleanQuick, easy access to “product contact” components reduces cleaning and changeover times
  • Stainless steel construction throughout
  • Accurate PSD (Particle Size Distribution) controllability
  • Milling efficiencies ensure highest percentage of product on-spec (30% – 60% improvement over other fine milling technologies)
  • Efficient product processing for nearly 100% product recovery
  • CIP and SIP capable
  • Inline tri-clamp design for simplified process installation
  • Model No. H20
  • Capacities lb/h*: 330 – 1,100
  • Capacities kg/h*: 150 – 500
  • Power hp: 7.5
  • Power kW: 5
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