Pharmaceutical Milling Equipment

Quadro® is the industry leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical milling equipment.

Solving Pharmaceutical Processing Challenges

Whether you are producing tablets or dispersing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), Quadro Engineering has the right pharmaceutical milling equipment to meet your needs. From conditioning wet granulations before drying, to sizing after drying; from granulating in the pre-compression stage, to conditioning and dispersion of pigments used in the manufacturing of tablets, Quadro Engineering’s pharmaceutical milling equipment excels at performing these and other crucial tasks your operation depends on — with reliability, consistency and enhanced efficiency.

When you choose Quadro Engineering, you also gain access to our many years of combined experience and technical know-how. Our pharmaceutical processing experts can help you solve your size-reduction challenges, while also helping you meet the strict quality control standards that are indispensable to success in the pharmaceutical industry— and vital to success in the marketplace.

We’ll help you discover ways you can improve efficiency, obtain tighter particle size distributions , and achieve a better bottom line. Our pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment feature solid stainless steel construction and superb cleanability. And those are just some of the advantages you can depend on when you invest in the right pharmaceutical processing equipment from Quadro Engineering.

Versatile Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment

Pharmaceutical companies around the world have invested in the versatile Quadro® Comil® to achieve a wide range of pharmaceutical processing applications, efficiently and successfully. The Comil® has quickly become the pharmaceutical processing machine of choice for tablet manufacturing, for instance.

Examples of applications where Comil® shines include wet granulations before drying, sizing after drying, granulating in the pre-compression stage, and homogenous conditioning and dispersion of pigments. The Comil® also excels at tablet reclamation. For enhanced deagglomeration?, consider installing the Quadro® FlexSift for industrial powder screening at the beginning of your process stream.

The Comil® successfully reduces the generation of fines, which mitigates the risk of potential dust explosion hazards. Its low RPM, low-energy, low-heat and low-noise design makes The Comil® ideal for pharmaceutical particle size reduction applications. Plus, its ability to be choke (flood) fed results in low dust and high throughput. Tight particle sizing helps improve flowability and uniformity of powders before they must enter the tablet press, while the flexibility of Comil’s® interchangeable tooling design make it a snap to switch among various applications, as needed. This user-friendly design is just one of Comil’s® many attractive features that makes Quadro Engineering a leader among pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers.

Pharmaceutical Size Reduction

Quadro specializes in the manufacture of pharmaceutical milling machines precision-designed for size reduction in pharmaceutics. Our pharmaceutical equipment delivers enhanced on-target PSD results, ideal for the stringent demands of API milling. The F10’s two-stage size reduction technology is an excellent choice for fine grinding of APIs, nutraceuticals and other applications where precision grinding is paramount. Quadro® High Energy Comil H20 conical mill achieves PSDs that are 30% to 70% tighter than those achieved by competing conical mills. From R&D and lab-scale development to batch processing and scale-up for production, we offer the equipment and expertise to achieve your pharmaceutical size reduction targets.

A common application of our technology for pharmaceutical particle size reduction is tablet manufacturing. Using a Comil® machine to achieve a specified particle distribution after the dryer improves product compressability and fluidity -- two key factors in successful tablet pressing.

Pharmaceutical Wet Granulation

Wet granulation can enhance flow properties of pharmaceutical powder blends in oral solid dosage for tableting. But irregular surface area on wet granules prior to drying can lead to moist centers or hard, over-dried particles. Quadro milling equipment allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to add a wet milling step without adversely affecting particle size distributions, tablet compactability, porosity, dissolution, or active drug distribution.

Pharmaceutical Deagglomeration

Quadro® pharmaceutical deagglomeration equipment replaces labor-intensive, expensive manual separation processes. Quadro has helped API manufacturers with the delumping of APIs and other pharmaceutical applications that require accurate dosing.

Pharmaceutical tablet manufacturers turn to Quadro® machines to delump pharmaceutical powders after wet granulation. Wet granules tend to lump, and when these lumps are passed through a dryer, they do not dry evenly.

Our technology makes uniform dispersion of wet powders possible for homogenous drying and process repeatability, which decreases drying time, prevents product loss, and reduces pharmaceutical manufacturing costs.

Pharmaceutical Milling Applications

Quadro ® pharmaceutical milling equipment is used in a wide range of manufacturing applications, from wet and dry milling of pharmaceutical products to precise size reduction. Pharmaceutical applications include:

Oral Solid Dosage and API Size Reduction:
  • Wet conditioning of high shear granulated material and post-fluid bed dryer milling for final PSD prior to tableting, reducing fines by more than 20% and drying times by 25%
  • Controlled particle size reduction for consistent and repeatable results, higher on-target results and improved yields by up to 30%
Size Reduction of Wet-Milled Pharmaceutical Powders:
  • Size reduction and milling of wet or soaked products to produce liquid with wet suspended particulate
  • Uniformly size wet pharmaceutical granulations for efficient drying -- reduce drying times by up to 60 percent
  • Size reduction of frozen blood plasma
Pharmaceutical Dry Granule Size Reduction:
  • Size reduction of compacted slugs
  • Size reduction of "ribbons" from the roller compactor
  • Sizing dry granualations to ideal particle size for pharmaceutical tablets
  • Sizing of injectable drug powder in sterile production
  • Gentle size reduction of enzymes
  • Sizing lactose and other sugars
Dry Mixing/Dispersion of Pharmaceutical Powders:
  • Lumpfree homogenous blending to precise size requirements
  • Homogenous dispersion of pigments in tablets
  • Low heat buildup and precise screen sizes to ensure complete dispersion and desired particle size
  • Size reduce hard, compacted products with minimal fines
  • Tablet reclaim
  • Reclaim contents from capsules
  • Injectable drug from glass syringes and bottles

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