Cosmetic Milling and Dispersion Equipment

High-efficiency machines to improve cosmetic manufacturing

For manufacturers of makeup powders, shampoos, toothpaste, and other cosmetic/ personal care products, efficient Quadro® machines for cosmetic milling, pigment dispersing and processing can increase product yield while improving product quality and consistency.

Quadro specializes in the manufacture of equipment for cosmetic powder milling, blending, dispersion and deagglomeration prior to packaging. Our equipment offers high throughput capacities for improving process efficiency by 30% – 40%.

Cosmetic processing involves some difficult challenges, including the hydration of thickening and suspending agents, producing stable emulsions and dissolving powders. Visit the Quadro® Liquids website for more processing solutions.


Compared with conventional pulverizers and blenders, the Comil® provides excellent dispersion of pigments, pearl and binder at much higher capacities, while generating much less dust and noise. Changeover times are greatly improved when using a Comil® — by up to 75% in some applications.

In one instance, a manufacturer of blush and face powder used Quadro® machines for mineral oil dispersion to improve product flow through the mill. The ease with which our screens can be substituted (in just minutes) meant the manufacturer could use the machine to produce blush powder and face powder efficiently, with minimal downtime for cleaning.


A fine powder grinder like our F10 Fine Grind, as well as the H20 High Energy Comil® are ideal for optimizing pigment dispersion and producing a more effective blush finish, with less pigmentation.

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Cosmetic Deagglomeration Equipment

Cosmetic manufacturers have turned to Quadro for cosmetic powder delumping equipment to create a wide range of cosmetic products with varying degrees of oil content. One common use of our machines is for pigment deagglomeration, which can expand cosmetic product throughput.

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Cosmetic Powder sifters and screeners

In many cases, the manufacturing process must also screen impurities from cosmetic products. Our hygienic powder sifters and screeners feature transformative technology to capture impurities, maximize product yield, doing it all in a fraction of time when compared with traditional vibratory or centrifugal sifters

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Dry Milling Size Reduction

  • Size reduce cosmetic powders

Wet Milling Size Reduction

  • Deagglomerate centrifuge cake

Dry Blending / Dispersion

  • Homogenously disperse of binder pearl and pigments in blush and eye shadow powders

Deagglomeration, Delumping & Separation

  • Deagglomerate pigments