Chemical Milling Equipment

Quadro®’s chemical milling equipment is designed to stand up to rigorous use. Whether you work with detergents or uranium dioxide, we have the processing solution for your application.

Solving The Most Demanding Challenges In The Chemical Milling Process

Quadro® has the special-purpose machinery ideally suited for bulk chemical milling and grinding. Available in specialized materials such as Hastelloy®, our chemical mills are designed to stand up to even the most abrasive and corrosive environments.

Quadro® Chemical Milling Equipment

The Comil® conical mill deagglomerates and size reduces metal powders without a noticeable temperature rise in the discharged product. Because the Comil® is not a high RPM hammer mill or pulverizer, it operates without producing dust or noise, making it particularly suitable for chemical milling applications.

The Quadro® H20 Comil® represents a revolutionary approach in cone milling technology. This product is a high-value alternative to pin mills and hammer mills for powder grinding and comminution. Benefit from improved size reduction in your fine chemical milling applications — without adding an expensive containment or air handling system.

Quadro® FlexSift is used in chemical security screening to capture and prevent small amounts of extraneous matter from contaminating batch processing of bulk solids, and to break up loosely agglomerated solids while eliminating undesirable size reduction.

Chemical Milling Applications

  • Dry Milling Size Reduction
    • Size reduce mineral salts
    • Uranium dioxide milling
    • Dried citric acid milling
  • Wet Milling Size Reduction
    • Wet core dishwasher detergent
  • Dry Blending / Dispersion
    • Disperse Teflon® blends
  • Deagglomeration, Delumping & Separation
    • Delump detergent agglomerates
    • Delump metal powders (e.g., silver)
    • Delump Teflon® powder
  • Reclaim
    • Powderize laundry detergent
    • Produce slurry from scrap detergent lumps
    • Dry dog food reclaim
  • Security Screening & Deagglomeration
    • Screen non-metallic foreign materials
    • Break up loosely agglomerated solids


Chemical Blending Equipment

Quadro process engineers can help you select the best chemical mixing equipment for your processing needs. Drawing on our unique testing capabilities and extensive knowledge base, we can recommend the right equipment to mix chemical powders homogeneously and to improve the efficiency of your chemical milling process.

Chemical Grinders

When your chemical milling process requires a machine to grind chemicals to a fine powder, the Quadro ® Fine Grind Model F10 or H 20 High Speed Comil® deliver. With the capability to deliver d 50 milling in the 5 – 45 and 25 – 150 micron ranges respectively, Quadro ® offers solutions that take chemical fine grinding equipment to a new level. These machines give you the capability to control PSDs with an integrated variable-frequency drive for responsive milling speed/torque adjustments, thus ensuring more PSDs on target

Industrial Chemical Sieve

Sieving is used in chemical manufacturing to separate large over-sized particles and in security screening applications. Capturing impurities or foreign materials is often a critical step and a bottleneck in most situations when using traditional vibratory screeners. A high throughput contained and dustless alternative is The Quadro ® FlexSift . The FlexSift can easily integrate into your chemical sieve system or sieve/blend system and offer up to 10x capacity improvements. The FlexSift is available with a wide range of screen hole sizes, ranging all the way down to very fine mesh sieves, capable of security screening fine particles, as small as 50-mesh range (300 microns or less).

Powder Chemical Deagglomeration

Delumping chemical powders is critical to maximizing product yield and minimizing batch processing times. Our chemical blending equipment has been used to break up lumps in chemical products ranging from wet powders used in herbicide and fungicide production, to wet Teflon ® and dry Teflon ® powder products.

Chemical Size Reduction

Quadro ® is the world’s leading technology for achieving uniform size reduction of chemical products and components. Our equipment offers consistent particle sizing, narrow PSDs, high yields, reduced waste, enhanced safety and ease of maintenance. From coarse grinding of dry chemical powders to size reduction of wet chemical materials, our machines offer the versatility and scale-up capabilities to handle all your size reduction needs.

Chemical Processing Case Studies


A contained system was required for processing a highly toxic, potentially corrosive material. The high-capacity, low-dust Underdriven Comil ® produced the desired quality and size reduction target — while meeting the manufacturer’s time and vertical space constraints.


The Overdriven Comil ® helped a chemical manufacturer reduce fines and dust. Quadro ® ’s solution produced a tighter PSD with less dust and noise, lowered operating costs, and used less floor space.


The hammer mills or granulators that reduce lumps cause screen blockage and plugging, and result in downtime. The Quadro ® Comil ® discharges a product that is granular, free-flowing and ideally sized for drying — without screen breakage, plug-ups, downtime or cooling periods.

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