Biotechnology Milling Equipment

Quadro® has been growing right along with the biotech industry. Whether you are size reducing organic matter for biomedicines or producing culture media, we have the right solution for your application.

Biotechnology Solutions

Quadro® equipment processes biotech applications easily and effectively — from size reduction to extraction of biomedicinal ingredients — without compromising active ingredients or nutrients. By minimizing retention time in the mill, our products maximize the viability counts of the cells.

Quadro® Equipment

With its low heat, low energy and gentle processing, the Comil® conical mill is perfect for size reduction/milling and processing of biotech powders and proteins. Get controlled particle size reduction for consistent and repeatable results, higher on-target results and maximum throughput for improved yields.


Size Reduction

  • Sizing biomedicinal ingredients to ideal particle size
  • Size reduction of freeze-dried bacteria culture
  • Size reduction of dried porcine without destroying nutrients
  • Size reduction of frozen human blood plasma


  • Active extraction of biomedicinal ingredients
  • Protein extraction from organic matter

Sterile Sizing

  • Sizing of sterile, freeze-dried pharmaceutical powders