Integrated Solutions

At Quadro®, we help customers achieve their optimum processing solution by designing equipment and systems for their specific applications.

Highly Engineered Equipment

Our unmatched application expertise enables us to build to your exact process requirements. Since 1976, the Comil® line has expanded to include 35 base models. Model selection is tailored to meet your specific performance and volume demands. For example, by interchanging tooling, you can alter size reduction, blending or dispersion parameters to handle varying product requirements or even completely different applications, all using the same machine.

We offer a comprehensive selection of specialized options for customizing the Comil® to your needs:

  • Special materials and surface finishes
  • Portable, height-adjustable and slide-rail mounted frames
  • Pressure-shock resistant, explosion-proof, fully inert, totally contained glove-box and cryogenic mill designs
  • Computerized control for complete process monitoring and reporting

Total System Solutions

Quadro® Engineering Systems provides single-source, turnkey solutions. The flexibility and versatility of the Quadro® Comil® allow you to easily integrate our equipment into your most demanding processing environments. From pilot runs to full production, our engineers work with you to fulfill your processing needs with a cost-effective solution.

Systems are completely engineered to ensure smooth, continuous operation and designed to meet specific environment/plant needs. Quadro® provides total support for all system components.