Process Scaling

Are you ready to ramp up from research and development to full production? Quadro® can help.

Put Your Full-Scale Production to the Test

Successfully scaling up to full production means replicating your pilot results. How do you do this? The key is to use lab milling equipment that exactly matches the equipment in your production plant.

Lab models are typically used for lab test milling prior to full production. While some laboratory mill manufacturers may not build large-scale equipment, Quadro® designs and manufactures lab mills in addition to full-size equipment. Our lab mills incorporate simple scale-up factors that facilitate processing and reduce time to validate and transfer lab results to production.

The Quadro® Comil® series was designed for full scalability from R&D to full production — with repeatable, predictable results. Our Comil® lab grinding mills have the same process advantages as those of our comparable full-scale equipment, so the results from your sample batches are fully reproducible in full production.

Quadro® Comil® Laboratory Mills:

  • Are fully scalable to production-size Comil® equipment
  • Operate at the same speeds as larger comparable units
  • Have the same benefits of our larger units: optimum particle distribution, low heat, low dust and user-friendly design
  • Are compactly designed for small-scale milling production as well as test milling
  • Are easily integrated into glove-box containment and mini systems
  • Are versatile: 200 different screens and dozens of impellers are available