Powder Mixing and Blending Equipment

Industrial Mixing Equipment for fast, efficient scale-up

Given the wide range of applications for powder mixing equipment, selecting the best powder mixer for your processing needs requires a lifetime of experience and extensive testing capabilities. Quadro’s specialized knowledge base – developed over the span of more than four decades – means you get a partner who can help you buy powder processing machines tailored to your unique needs.

Ideal for both powder-powder blending and powder-liquid mixing, Quadro powder mixing machines deliver sizeable benefits to the pharmaceutical, food processing and cosmetic industries:

  • Homogenize bulk powder materials.
  • Improve powder flow characteristics.
  • Improve product quality and consistency.
  • Reduce fines generation.
  • Reduce drying time of wet/dry granulations.
  • Improve efficiency of pharmaceutical tableting.
  • For over 40 years, Quadro has made an unparalleled commitment to delivering the highest production efficiencies, product quality, and consistency to market leaders in consumer product manufacturing industries worldwide.

Beyond Powder Mixing:

A Wide Range of Industrial Powder Processing Applications

Dry Mixing Dispersion

Quadro dry powder mixing machines are ideal for a broad range of dry mix dispersion tasks. Pharmaceutical manufacturers use Quadro industrial mixing machines to disperse powder pigments homogeneously in tablets. In the cosmetic industry, our machines disperse pigments in blush and eye shadow powders.

For food processors, our dry mixing dispersion equipment has an even wider range of applications. One food processor used Quadro equipment to disperse fats in powder bakery mixes. Another used our machines to blend spice mixes – a delicate process. Still, others have used Quadro industrial blending equipment to disperse nutrients in cereal.

Commercial Powder Grinder

If you’re looking for a fine powder grinder the Quadro H 20 and Fine Grind are the machines for you. The Fine Grind provides the highest percentage within target of any fine mill technology on the market, with narrow PSD curves for D 90 targets in the 20 – 60 µm range, and up to 99.9% yields. Whereas the H 20 High Energy Comil Series offers D 50s in the 25 to 150 micron range, unequalled by any other conical milling technology.

View specs for our powder grinder machines.

Industrial Powder Sifters and Powder Screens

The FlexSift powder sifter takes commercial powder screening to a new level. Engineered to capture and retain foreign materials within the sifting chamber, the FlexSift provides game-changing powder sifting efficiency in a compact unit. These machines are available in three models and feature a variety of mesh screen sizes for safe processing of pharmaceutical powders, food ingredients, cosmetics and other products.

Learn about our powder sifting and screening equipment.

Dry Powder Granulation

Quadro’s dry granulation equipment offers a simple and low-cost method by which to increase the size of powder granules, making it easier to form them into pharmaceutical tablets or capsules.

Powder Size Reduction Equipment

Quadro powder size reduction machines are widely used for dry granulation in pharmaceutical, food processing, chemical and cosmetic manufacturing.

In pharmaceutical applications, our equipment is often used or wet and dry powder processing within a Wet Granulation suite, granulating material to an ideal particle size for the manufacture of pharmaceutical tablets. Quadro equipment is also used to reduce powder sizes of compacted slugs, and in uniformly sizing ribbons from the roller compactor.

Food processing uses of our powder size reduction equipment include processing high-value flavors and nutritional additives, producing crumbs from dry cereal or bread for food coatings, and sizing dried chili peppers into flakes. Food manufacturers also use our equipment to fine-tune the bulk density of dairy and non-dairy creamer powders. Our machines have also been used to powderize shortening flakes and to reduce herb powder sizes for extraction purposes.

In chemical and cosmetic manufacturing , our powder milling equipment has been used in the production of mineral salts and for the milling of uranium dioxide powders and dried citric acid.

Powder Deagglomeration

The formulation of shampoo, beverages, pharmaceutical tablets and other consumer goods often requires mixing powders into liquids. Unfortunately, lumping of ingredients is common in powder-liquid blends. Quadro offers efficient, high-capacity machines for powder delumping.

Learn more about our powder deagglomeration technology