Particle Sizing

Rely on Quadro® for uniform particle size reduction, the tightest PSDs (Particle Size Distributions), superior on-target results and improved yields.

Achieve Accurate Particle Sizing

Particle size is a critical parameter in material properties. Monitoring and measurement of grain size distribution during processing is critical to successful product manufacturing.

While many machines can reduce larger particles into smaller ones, Quadro® is the world’s leading technology for achieving on-target uniform particle sizes — to your specific size reduction requirements. Our equipment achieves the tightest PSDs for more on-target product and improved yields. Accurate, consistent and repeatable results ensure the highest material and product quality.

Quadro® Equipment

The Quadro® Comil® Overdriven and Underdriven models, the High Energy H20 Comil® and the Fine Grind F10 all achieve controlled particle size reduction with tight PSDs and consistent and repeatable results. Quadro® equipment offers unparalleled particle processing efficiencies, improved return-on-investment and streamlined manufacturing solutions.