Quadro® Engineering’s milling equipment offers more: more milled product within particle size distribution targets, more containment and safety designs, and more application and support knowledge.

The Industry Leader in Comminuting

Quadro® advanced size reduction technology and superior engineering provide unparalleled processing efficiency, exceptional product quality and maximum milled product recovery — in applications throughout the pharmaceutical, food, fine chemical and personal care & cosmetic industries.

Quadro® offers unmatched application expertise that enables us to build your equipment to your exact milling process specifications. Regardless of your application, Comil® consistently delivers the batch-to-batch repeatability required to comply with even the most demanding FDA standards.

Comminution requires different types of milling equipment depending on the material properties and application requirements. Quadro® offers a wide range of models, specialized options and custom engineering that guarantees that your equipment will meet your specific performance and volume demands. By interchanging tooling, you can alter size reduction parameters to handle varying product requirements, or even completely different applications — all using the same machine.

Quadro® Equipment

Size reduction is accomplished with several of our products, including the Comil® Overdriven and Underdriven models, the High Energy H20 Comil® and the Fine Grind F10. Based on your application and material properties (particle size, moisture content, temperature sensitivity, hardness and other physical and chemical properties), we recommend the equipment and process that most efficiently and effectively achieves your specific size reduction requirements.