Applications for Particle Size Reduction Equipment

Customized Applications

Do you need innovative pharmaceutical processing techniques or biotechnology applications? Does your process require milling, fine grinding, blending, comminution or deagglomeration? Quadro Engineering partners with you to customize applications that meet your unique requirements. Leading manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, biotechnology and chemical industries — among others — know they can trust our superior applications for particle size reduction equipment — and decades of expertise — to significantly improve efficiency, boost yields, cut waste and achieve the tightest particle size distributions. When it comes time to ramp up production from laboratory-scale runs to full production-scale runs, you’ll experience unparalleled scalability. Only with Quadro Engineering.

  • Achieve the tightest particle size distributions in a wide variety of dry grinding and milling applications. From pharmaceuticals to food products to fine chemicals, our processing techniques and equipment are well suited for a wide range of industries. Quadro Engineering particle size reduction equipment excels at achieving remarkably tight particle size distributions (PSDs).
  • Get unmatched size reduction efficiency with exceptional product quality, and maximum yield. Quadro Engineering offers safe, efficient, dependable designs. Together, we’ll work with you to build your milling equipment to your exact specifications. Rest assured that no matter what industry you represent, Quadro Engineering’s products and experienced personnel will help you consistently achieve superb results, while reducing waste and helping slash production costs.
  • Deagglomeration and delumping are among the more labor intensive tasks in any given process application. With Quadro Engineering, you can expect to experience faster, more efficient deagglomeration, delumping and separation without damage or unwanted size reduction.
  • Given the wide range of applications for powder mixing equipment, selecting the best powder mixer for your processing needs requires a lifetime of experience and extensive testing capabilities. Quadro's specialized knowledge base – developed over the span of more than four decades – means you get a partner who can help you buy powder processing machines tailored to your unique needs.
  • Count on Quadro Engineering for accurate, precisely controlled particle size reductions, tight PSDs and consistent on-target results. Whether you require exceptional control of final PSDs for the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), or your goal is the production of high-quality food products — ranging from nutraceuticals and nutritional supplements, to flavors/fragrances, to herb/spice blends, and more — we have the right equipment for the task at hand. Or perhaps you're in the chemical industry and in the business of producing polymers. At Quadro Engineering, we have the right machinery for the job, and the solid expertise to help you choose your fine grinding equipment wisely.
  • Particle sizing is among the most critical parameters when it comes to materials processing. Our fine grinding equipment offers consistent particle sizing, narrow PSDs, high yields, reduced waste, enhanced safety and ease of maintenance, and unparalleled versatility.
  • Process Scaling is a potential stumbling block for many companies as they attempt to replicate results achieved during small pilot runs. But Quadro Engineering equipment is designed with smooth scalability in mind, so you can expect the same, fully reproducible results whether you’re producing one liter of final product or one thousand. Go from R&D-related pilot runs to full production-scale runs with laboratory mills that are fully scalable.

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