The Industry Leader in Process and Size
Reduction Equipment

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Quadro® is the world’s leading technology for achieving uniform size reduction, sieving, deagglomeration and dispersion.

Our equipment is hard at work in applications throughout the pharmaceutical, food, fine chemical, personal care and cosmetics industries.

Our coarse-to-fine particle size reduction and security screening solutions offer:

  • Unequalled particle / powder processing efficiencies
  • Reduced waste and rework
  • Suitability for heat-sensitive products

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What more could you want?

With Quadro® mills, you couldn’t ask for more. Our size reduction equipment gives you:

  • More product on target due to the tightest particle size distributions
  • More repeatable, accurate and scalable solutions — from lab to production
  • More containment (<1 μg/m3) and leading safety designs
  • More cost savings through reduced total cost of ownership
  • More application know-how, powder processing expertise and a worldwide sales support structure

Technology that has stood the test of time

It all began with Comil®, the original conical mill, in 1976. This was a revolutionary concept at the time that has since evolved into the global processing standard. For 40 years, we have been improving and refining the Quadro® cone mill, or cone sieve, technology — reaffirming our leadership with every generation.

Quadro® offers the industry’s most extensive line of conical milling equipment for your API, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, chemical or biotechnology application.

We have the right Comil® solution for your processing application!

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