Free Product Testing


Some conditions apply. Please consult your local Quadro Sales Representative for more information.


Since 1978, Quadro's R&D Test Centre has been giving customers the opportunity to run real-world tests of their products on Quadro equipment, without charge, and see the results first hand.


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Quadro delivers industry-leading lab testing capabilities by experienced professionals to support “right the first time” process development. While deliverables will vary dependent upon your needs and product characteristics, a typical response from the Quadro Lab will include:


  • Particle Size Distribution Data
  • Recommended Tooling Selection
  • Equipment Recommendation
  • Predicted Production Flow Rates


This testing is typically done at no charge, with the only expense to the customer being shipping costs.


Located at our head office in WATERLOO, Canada, we welcome the opportunity to assist you with your processing challenges. If you cannot visit us, we can always video the test for you. All tests results are kept in our extensive database which gives us essential application knowledge on hundreds of products and is maintained in the strictest confidence.



For more information, please contact us.


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