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Quadro - Innovative Technical Resources


Quadro's approach to customer service is simple: by focusing on our traditional strengths in process engineering, industry application expertise and service, we ensure our customers continuous quality in meeting their needs through succeeding generations.


What are our Innovative Technical Resources?


As the originator of our technologies, Quadro's years of experience provide an unmatched depth of industry knowledge in widely-varied process applications. While we bring this knowledge home to develop new enhancements to our products, we also take it out to the field to help customers solve their unique processing problems. Quadro personnel have the insight to fully support customers in defining the ideal solution and then custom engineer Quadro equipment to fit the process. With each purchase of Quadro equipment, our customers have access to Quadro's unique five-tier approach which allows you to choose the best combination of services for your needs. With strong links to the Research & Development Group, specialized and non-standard equipment can also be specified and developed to meet your particular application requirements.


Our five-tier approach includes:


  • Process/Application Testing

    As the pioneer of our technologies, Quadro has built an extensive database as it relates to our equipment capabilities in the various processes/applications within the food, pharmaceutical, personal care, cosmetic & fine chemical industries. We make our expertise and testing facilities available for all potential applications. This service is offered free-of-charge.

  • Site Acceptance Testing/Startup Assistance

    We offer full on-site start-up assistance for both purchased and rental machines to enable you to get your Quadro equipment up and running, thereby ensuring optimal performance. This service includes machine set-up, standard IQ/OQ's Performance Qualifications and Site Acceptance Testing to aid in the validation of your process.

  • Unmatched Technical Support

    A successful installation is just the beginning of Quadro's technical service. Our support staff is always on-call, ready to respond to customer needs virtually anywhere in the world. And with over 30 years of experience behind us, we will answer your questions quickly and efficiently, allowing you to get back to work with minimal downtime.

  • Technical Training

    Quadro offers a range of focused, professional training programs for engineers, technologists, operators, and maintenance personnel, either in-house or on-site. Training encompasses basic equipment operation and best practice through to more advanced programs covering equipment theory, optimization and troubleshooting.

  • Process/Application Solutions

    Through our process/application solutions service, we can answer questions about the right equipment for your specific location/application, how to best solve process problems using Quadro technology and what benefits/efficiencies can be attained. Our technical experts can visit you on-site and provide a professional report as to how our equipment can help your company achieve optimum results.


For additional information on the services offered by Quadro, please contact us.