Products - Process Equipment

Quadro® technology provides unmatched coarse-to-fine particle/powder size reduction and milling results, the highest return on investment, and streamlined manufacturing solutions.

  • Comil® Conical Mill

    The world’s leading milling and powder size reduction technology for achieving uniform particle size distributions and deagglomeration dispersions in the pharmaceutical, food and fine chemical industries
  • Underdriven

    Easier inline integration: fully contained, high capacity in a compact footprint
  • Overdriven

    The original model: proven size reduction technology, lowest cost of ownership
  • High Efficiency Comil® U21

    Conical milling reinvented: an unprecedented particle size distribution improvement ensures more product on-target
  • Scalable Lab System™ (SLS)

    Single platform with interchangeable size reduction heads guarantees that lab-scale results can be easily and reliably duplicated at a larger production scale
  • FlexSift

    The cutting edge in high-capacity security screening and deagglomeration technology
  • High Energy Comil H20

    A revolutionary approach to API and fine chemical milling, this high-energy conical mill pushes the capabilities of cone mill technology toward finer PSDs and improved target results without generating excess heat
  • Fine Grind

    Provides the highest percentage within target of any fine mill technology and comes as a complete station, eliminating the need for auxiliary equipment