Pharmaceutical Milling Equipment

Quadro® is the industry leader in manufacturing milling equipment for pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Curing Pharmaceutical Processing Problems

Whether you are producing tablets or dispersing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), Quadro Engineering has the right pharmaceutical milling equipment to meet your needs. From conditioning wet granulations before drying, to sizing after drying; from granulating in the pre-compression stage, to conditioning and dispersion of pigments used in the manufacturing of tablets, Quadro Engineering’s pharmaceutical milling equipment excels at performing these and other crucial tasks your operation depends on — with reliability, consistency and enhanced efficiency.

When you choose Quadro Engineering, you also gain access to our many years of combined experience and technical know-how. Our process professionals can help you solve your size-reduction challenges, while also helping you meet the strict quality control standards that are indispensable to success in the pharmaceutical industry — and vital to success in the marketplace.

We’ll help you discover ways you can improve efficiency, obtain tighter particle size distributions, and achieve a better bottom line. Our pharmaceutical manufacturing products feature solid stainless steel construction and superb cleanability. And those are just some of the advantages you can depend on when you invest in the right pharmaceutical processing equipment from Quadro Engineering.

Quadro® Engineering Equipment

Pharmaceutical companies around the world have invested in the versatile Quadro® Comil® to achieve a wide range of pharmaceutical processing applications, efficiently and successfully. The Comil® has quickly become the pharmaceutical processing machine of choice for tablet manufacturing, for instance. Examples of applications where Comil® shines include wet granulations before drying, sizing after drying, granulating in the pre-compression stage, and homogenous conditioning and dispersion of pigments. The Comil® also excels at tablet reclamation. For enhanced deagglomeration, consider installing the Quadro® FlexSift for industrial powder screening at the beginning of your process stream.

The Comil® successfully reduces the generation of fines, which mitigates the risk of potential dust explosion hazards. Its low RPM, low-energy, low-heat and low-noise design makes The Comil® ideal for pharmaceutical particle size reduction applications. Plus, its ability to be choke (flood) fed results in low dust and high throughput. Tight particle sizing helps improve flowability and uniformity of powders before they must enter the tablet press, while the flexibility of Comil’s® interchangeable tooling design make it a snap to switch among various applications, as needed. This user-friendly design is just one of Comil’s® many attractive features that makes Quadro Engineering a leader among pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers.


Oral Solid Dosage and API Size Reduction/Milling

  • Wet conditioning of high shear granulated material and post-fluid bed dryer milling for final PSD prior to tableting, reducing fines by more than 20% and drying times by 25%
  • Controlled particle size reduction for consistent and repeatable results, higher on-target results and improved yields by up to 30%

Wet Granulation Sizing Prior to Drying

  • Quick, even drying
  • Drying time reduced by 60%

Dry Granulation Sizing

  • Prior to tableting
  • From fluid bed dryer


  • Tablet reclaim
  • Contents from capsules
  • Injectable drug from glass syringes and bottles

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