Pharmaceutical Milling Equipment

Quadro® is the industry leader in manufacturing milling equipment for pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Curing Pharmaceutical Processing Problems

Whether you are producing tablets or dispersing active ingredients, Quadro® has the pharmaceutical milling equipment to meet your needs. We also have the experience and technical know-how to solve your size reduction challenges while meeting the strict quality control standards in the pharmaceutical industry. Solid stainless steel construction and superb cleanability of Quadro® products are huge advantages within this industry.

Quadro® Equipment

Pharmaceutical companies around the world are successfully using the versatile Quadro® Comil® for wet granulations before drying, sizing after drying, granulating in the pre-compression stage, homogenous conditioning and dispersion of pigments in tablet manufacturing. In addition, the Comil® is especially suited to tablet reclaim.

The Comil® successfully reduces fines generation, and has the low RPM, low energy and low noise that make it ideal for pharmaceutical particle size reduction applications. Plus, its ability to be choke (flood) fed results in low dust and high throughput.


Oral Solid Dosage and API Size Reduction/Milling

  • Wet conditioning of high shear granulated material and post-fluid bed dryer milling for final PSD prior to tableting, reducing fines by more than 20% and drying times by 25%
  • Controlled particle size reduction for consistent and repeatable results, higher on-target results and improved yields by up to 30%

Wet Granulation Sizing Prior to Drying

  • Quick, even drying
  • Drying time reduced by 60%

Dry Granulation Sizing

  • Prior to tableting
  • From fluid bed dryer


  • Tablet reclaim
  • Contents from capsules
  • Injectable drug from glass syringes and bottles