Dry / Wet Milling

Quadro® excels in solving dry grinding and wet milling problems across a broad range of industries.

Leading Expertise in Wet and Dry Milling

From the production of crumbs from dry cereal for food coatings, to the uniform sizing of wet granulation in pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing, our application problem-solving expertise is second to none. Quadro® has decades of experience in dry and wet milling applications:

Dry Milling Size Reduction

  • Dry granulation in tablet manufacturing
  • Dry solubles
  • High-throughput bulk density fine tuning
  • Sizing dry granules
  • Sizing compacted product

Wet Milling Size Reduction

  • Uniform sizing of wet granulation in tablet manufacturing
  • Size reduction and milling of wet or soaked products to produce liquid with wet suspended particles
  • Conditioning of wet/moist food products (i.e. wet cereal mass)

Quadro® Equipment

The Comil® increases productivity and offers versatility and reliability across a wide array of dry and wet milling applications in various industries. The gentle grinding action and quick discharge of already properly sized particles ensure a tight particle size distribution. In wet milling applications, drying time is greatly reduced due to the increased surface area of the wet product produced by the Comil®.