Dry Milling / Wet Conditioning

Whether your application calls for dry milling or wet conditioning— Quadro® has decades of experience in dry and wet processing applications. With Quadro® equipment, you can accomplish any number of size reduction tasks.

A wide array of industries routinely benefit from Quadro’s dry milling and wet sizing solutions and expertise. An investment in Quadro® size reduction equipment is an investment in our solid, long-standing track record of reliability and efficiency.

Milling Solutions for a Wide Range of Industries

Interested in profiting from the production of quality food products? Quadro® equipment is routinely used to pre-condition and mill ingredients critical in enhancing food flavors and produce crumbs from dry cereal or bread for food coatings. Other examples include size reduction of herbs in preparation for extraction; sizing chili peppers into flakes; powderizing shortening into flakes; milling soya beans for the production of soy milk; size reducing berries for incorporation into yogurt filling — and much more.

Or perhaps you’re focused on the production of fine chemicals. Quadro® equipment is presently being used to size reduce mineral salts; to mill uranium dioxide dried citric acid; and to size reduce wet core dishwasher detergent, among other applications. How can Quadro® help you accomplish your unique task?

Satisfied customers in the pharmaceutical industry rely on Quadro’s solid reputation for excellence every day, for high-stakes applications and processes that include wet conditioning of high shear, granulated material, and post-fluid bed dryer milling, for final PSD prior to tableting, reducing fines by more than 20% and drying times by 25%. Another example includes controlled particle size reduction, yielding consistent and repeatable results, higher on-target results, and improved yields by over 30%.

Further examples of tasks readily accomplished with Quadro® wet and dry milling solutions include:

  • Dry granulation for tablet manufacturing
  • Dry solubles
  • High-throughput bulk density fine tuning
  • Sizing dry granules
  • Sizing compacted product
  • Uniform sizing of wet granulation in tablet manufacturing
  • Conditioning of wet/moist food products (i.e. wet cereal mass)

Quadro® Equipment

Quadro® Comil® conical mills increase productivity and offer versatility and reliability across a wide array of dry milling and wet conditioning applications, among various industries. Particle sizing is our forte. Gentle grinding action and quick discharge of properly sized particles ensures tight particle size distributions (PSDs) when comminution is your goal. In wet size conditioning applications, drying time is greatly reduced, due to the increased surface area of the wet product produced by Comil®. Furthermore, adding the wet pre-conditioning step before a fluid bed drier also ensures a significant reduction in unwanted 'fines' (in most applications by over 30%).

We know that some companies experience a hitch when they attempt to scale up from R&D or pilot runs to full-scale production. Scalability is built in to Quadro® size reduction equipment. That’s just one of the intangible benefits of investing in Quadro® equipment: the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re saving time and money, every step of the way — from the drawing board through R&D to final production.

We invite you to consider the Quadro® Comil Overdriven or Underdriven series of conical mills for your milling needs.