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Quadro®'s recognized leadership in specialized process equipment was launched by a single idea that has stood the test of time. The four founders of Quadro originated the concept of the conical mill or “Comil®”, and in 1976, were the first to bring it to market. A revolutionary idea at the time, the conical mill has proven to be one of the industry's most durable and most imitated advances in size reduction technology.


But Quadro believes that quality is itself a process that cannot stand still. Continuous improvement is rooted in continuous innovation. Through investment in R&D and the ongoing refinement and extension of the Comil design, Quadro has continued to earn its position as quality leader.


In 1990, Quadro expanded its vision of quality into new markets and applications with the Quadro Ytron® line of mixing and emulsifying equipment. Like the Comil, Quadro's Ytron line builds on a proud heritage of technical innovation and design leadership.


More recently, Quadro has developed a line of lifting devices. With a full range of height, weight and maneuverability capabilities, the Quadro Lift can be engineered to solve diverse handling requirements.


Quadro Engineering Head Office

Quadro's extensive experience provides an unmatched depth of industry knowledge in a wide variety of process applications. While we bring this knowledge home to develop new enhancements to our products, we also take it out to the field to help customers solve their unique processing problems. By building process modules around our core competencies, Quadro engineers work with you to develop a customized solution to your specific processing requirements.


From mills to mixers to complementary product lines, Quadro has earned the respect of customers with widely varied applications in more than 50 countries. Quadro people, like Quadro products, are recognized everywhere for the highest standards of professionalism and performance. By focusing on our traditional strengths in process engineering, industry application expertise and service, we ensure our customers continuous quality in meeting their needs through succeeding generations.